The following topics are based on inquiries. We update this list regularly to reflect frequently asked questions.

Hourly Restaurant Staff

Questions about applying for hourly staff positions? Contact us at techsupport@thecheesecakefactory.com and we will get right back to you!

Application Process - Management/Corporate/Bakery

  • Edit Profile
    How do I change my profile information?
    Once you have created a Profile, you may change your personal information or update your resume as needed. Simply access your profile with your user id/password and make the necessary changes. Your information will be updated immediately.
  • Forgot Password
    What if I forget my password?
    Use the "forgot password" function on the login screen. Follow the on screen directions, which will instruct you to enter your user name and email address, click OK, then follow the instructions.
  • Internal Applicant
    As a current staff member, how can I apply for a management position or corporate position?
    We accept internal on-line applications for management and corporate positions at www.cakecareers.com/staffmember. A keyword search will help you find the job you’re looking for. We recommend you go in through the internal career site (ask your GM if you don’t know it) and search for jobs by title. To apply on-line you will need a personal email address. If you do not have a personal email address, you can easily obtain one for free from Yahoo.com or Hotmail.com. Please retain your email Login and Password for future use.
  • New Opportunities Available
    How will I know when a new opportunity becomes available?
    Once you login and complete either an application or submit your Profile, you will be prompted to decide if you wish to be notified via email about opportunities that match specific criteria that you have defined in your profile. You will then be notified as soon as a position becomes available that may be a fit for you.
  • On-Line Application Blocked
    I’m trying to access the on-line application and it’s blocked. What could be causing this?
    You may need to update your browser's privacy settings. From your PC browser, select the Tools Menu/ Internet Options/ Privacy tab. Click the "Edit" button, and then type "taleo.net" in the "Address of the Web Site" box. Click "Allow," then click "OK" twice to close the box and save your settings.
  • Position Still Open
    How can I be sure the position I find on-line hasn’t already been filled?
    As a talent-based, growth-oriented company, we are always accepting applications and may not have an immediate opening for the all the positions listed on our website. If you noticed the position on a job-board, that usually indicates we have immediate openings that we are trying to fill.
  • Profile Lifespan/Updates
    How long will my profile remain in the database? How often should I update it?
    Your Profile will remain active in our database for one year. If your personal information changes, we recommend you update your personal profile. At a minimum, your profile should be updated every twelve months.
  • Why Require On-Line Applications
    I already have a resume prepared. Why should I take the time to fill out a profile rather than send you my resume or go to the restaurant and apply in person?
    We believe our on-line application process will save you time by enabling you to easily update your personal and employment information as well as apply your profile information to multiple positions. Our on-line application process streamlines your candidate experience and will make your skills and qualifications more readily searchable to our multiple recruiters within The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated. You can cut and paste your electronic resume into your personal profile for recruiters to reference. Our on-line application process allows you to:
    • Create a personal profile including your contact information, skills, qualifications, and electronic resume.
    • Search and apply for multiple positions.
    • Update your profile as needed.
    • Request to be notified via email of new employment opportunities that match specific criteria you define in your profile.
    Please visit our Profile section today to submit your profile.

Interview Process - Management/Corporate/Bakery

  • Interview Process
    What is the interview process like?
    Once we determine a match with an open position, you’ll be contacted by a Talent Department representative to schedule a phone interview. The initial phone interview is typically followed by in-person interviews. Candidates for management and corporate positions will undergo a criminal background check. Our goal is to make this process as convenient and informative as possible and we will make every attempt to complete the process in a few days. Of course, professional references will be checked prior to an offer of employment being extended.
  • Interview Schedule
    I sent in my resume a couple of days ago. How long will it take before I can schedule an interview?
    If there's an open position that matches your qualifications, we will contact you to schedule an interview.
  • Restaurant Operation
    What’s it like to run a Cheesecake Factory Restaurant?
    Ask our Managers! Please visit your local restaurant and see if our Company Mission Statement "To Create an Environment where Absolute Guest Satisfaction is our Highest Priority" excites you.
  • Training Information
    What is the training like at The Cheesecake Factory?
    We have a comprehensive 10 week training program. During this time you will learn everything unique about running a Cheesecake Factory restaurant. You will be mentored by seasoned managers who will guide you through all the modules needed to be successful in your new position.

Restaurant Management Questions

  • Restaurant Management Career Path
    What is the Restaurant Management career path like at The Cheesecake Factory?
    After management training you work as a manager and can then progress through our 5 levels to GM. With a proven track record of performance we promote from within. Many of our staff members have had unparalleled success in their careers. Please watch our career video.
  • Restaurant Management Qualifications
    What are the requirements to apply for a Cheesecake Factory Manager?
    2+ years full service restaurant management experience. High volume sales experience preferred.
  • Restaurant Management Work Hours
    What hours does a Restaurant Manager work at The Cheesecake Factory?
    All of our managers are scheduled for a 55 hour workweek with two days off consecutively. Because our business is "Guest Driven" all managers work a variety of shifts, weekends and holidays. Most Cheesecake Factory restaurants are closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Corporate Questions

  • Charitable Foundation
    Does The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated participate in any charitable efforts?
    Click here to see our Charitable Foundation work.
  • Corporate Opportunities – Future
    Can I still apply to a corporate position, even if there isn’t a specific position currently available that is of interest to me?
    Yes, by creating your Profile and entering your skills and qualifications into the system, a recruiter will be able to perform searches based on your information. In addition, you may also request to be notified via email about opportunities that are a match.
  • Corporate Positions
    How do I find out if there are positions available at the corporate headquarters?
    A keyword search on the Job Search page of the Corporate section will provide you with the largest and most varied list. To find jobs in a specific department or area, we recommend you browse our job search by function.